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FT enables smaller contractors and PDI companies by providing know-how, equipment and capital to ensure the successful completion of contracts they have obtained.

We have a new fleet of Nissan trucks and 100 skip-bins to collect scrap, and several large machines to process it.

The most active of these is a new 7 million Rand Sierra shear. This machine compacts scrap and then sends it through a shear (guillotine) which slices through the steel scrap (up to 6 rail-lines at a time) in order to make the scrap more compact.

We also have a Metso-Lindemann baler which was bought new in late 2005 for 6 million Rand. This high production baler takes light scrap such as thin sheet scrap, tinplate and car bodies and compacts it into a cube (bale) measuring 30cm x 30cm x 30cm and weighing 80kgs! This machine put the two older balers that we have into early retirement.

We have several excavators with grapple attachments to load and offload scrap, as well as many cutting torches for outside or unusual cutting jobs, a weighbridge and several small scales for weighing.

We source our oxygen for cutting from Air Liquide, and the volume we buy means that we can supply gas to our regular customers who need gas to demolish scrap prior to bringing it to us. An example of this is the slow but steady demolition of the Sele 1 (grounded off Blaauberg) by METS Electrical.

A magnet is always the first tool used in sorting scrap metal, as well as visual experience, but for critical sorting we own a R250 000 Niton Analyser. This hand-held 'gun' tells us within 7 seconds exactly what is in the alloy, as well as it's common or commercial description.

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124 Voortrekker Rd
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