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Commodity ( All prices are per kg unless otherwise stated ) Yard Price Including VAT  
Aluminium Bronze R 28.75  
Aluminium Cast R 9.20  
Aluminium Copper Radiators R 26.45  
Aluminium Extrusion Clean R 16.10  
Aluminium Lithoplates R 13.80  
Aluminium New Soft R 9.20  
Aluminium Old Rolled R 9.20  
Aluminium Radiators R 4.60  
Aluminium Shavings R 3.45  
Aluminium Venetian Blinds R 1.15  
Aluminium Wheel rims R 12.65  
Aluminium wire R 13.80  
Batteries DRY R 5.75  
Brass Heavy R 42.55  
Brass Shavings R 19.55  
Brass Sheet R 37.38  
Copper 1A R 69.00  
Copper Braziery R 48.30  
Copper Mixed R 64.40  
Copper Radiators (No Tanks) R 32.20  
Copper Shavings R 46.00  
Copper Shiny Bright (1.5mm minimum) R 72.45  
Copper Tinned R 50.60  
Crown wheels R 48.30  
Gun Metal R 52.90  
Gun Metal Shavings R 29.90  
Lead R 6.90  
Pyro R 4.60  
Stainless Steel 304 R 11.50  
Stainless Steel 316 R 17.25  
Stainless Steel Magnetic (Per Ton) R 2650  
Stainless Steel Shavings R 4.60  
Steel can scrap (Per Ton) R 460  
Steel heavy over 3mm (Per Ton) R 2530  
Steel Light (Roof sheet, car bodies, drums) (Per Ton) R 1150  
Zinc R 4.60  

* Prices are indicative and subject to change without notice. You may have been quoted a diffrent price by phone or email, that price will supercede this list.

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