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2nd Hand Goods Act

To all of our scrap suppliers, please note that the new 2nd Hand Goods Act (which builds on the original act of 1955)
Is now In effect. It means:

- Any person selling us scrap must be the legal owner of that scrap;
- Every person intending to sell us scrap must present proof of identity to us;
- We will take copies of that identification, as well as vehicle registrations and contact details;
- We will keep your scrap with a unique identifier separately in a secure demarcated area for 7 days, during which time any relevant authority
  may inspect the goods;
- If we suspect that you are not the rightful owner we will immediately contact the police;
- We will not buy burned cable (e.g. copper) unless you can provide a valid reason for having burned cable in your possession;
- Scrap vehicles must be accompanied by a scrapping certificate.

• All our scrap is made available to local consumers first, with the excess exported.

Scrap generated by any legitimate business and sold on a company Invoice to us is generally exempt from any of these provisions.

Fine Trading is proud of being part of the scrap metal industry, which is the main source of income for nearly 500 000 South Africans. We do not support petty theft or infrastructure destruction.

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