Fine Trading has traded far more scrap steel than it actually processes

Since well before the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) of 2008 Fine Trading has traded far more scrap steel than it actually processes – in fact, as the name implies, the business was originally intended only to trade, not to process scrap.

Our commitment to ALWAYS deliver what we have promised to scrap consumers as well as our attention to detail with quality has resulted in our consistently being afforded preferred supplier status, an honour that we work hard to preserve. We are therefore uncompromising and highly selective of who we buy from, and in many cases we personally inspect the cargo from third party suppliers prior to allowing that scrap to be despatched.

This quality control has made our scrap a first choice purchase for both local and international consumers, and coupled with the very strong financial and administrative systems of the Indicaa Group (our Dubai based trading partners) we expect this trend to continue as we expand into new markets such as Australia and New Zealand.

The Indicaa Group also brings unparalleled excellence to the key element in any bulk trading business, namely LOGISTICS. Logistics is the single biggest factor in commodity trading, and scrap metal is no different. The innovation and professionalism we have brought to scrap metal exports is one of the most crucial components of our success, and continues to be a major focus for us.

Sell us your scrap!

Please note that we will not entertain any unsolicited offers from overseas parties to buy our scrap.