What We Do

Mark Fine
4th Generation
Scrap Trader

We buy, sort and process scrap

The buying side entails securing scrap from manufacturing plants, ship demolitions, shop fitters, litho plate printers, street trade, other dealers, steel mills, the railways, auctions, farms, engineering companies, car breaker yards and so on. Our customers have or do include Transnet, Nampak, Wispeco, DSP, John Thompson, ESKOM and hundreds of other, smaller clients.

We sort it into about 100 different grades of scrap including 13 steel grades, 16 aluminium, 22 copper-based grades and many others.

We process scrap by cutting or squashing it smaller, as well as separating two or more types that may be joined together. We also 'clean' the metal by removing impurities such as rubber tyres off a wheel or steel screws out of an aluminium window frame.

We sell scrap to consumers both locally and overseas. The consumers melt the scrap down and make new products such as steel reinforcing, engine blocks, new sheet stainless steel, brass taps and door handles, to name but a few.

Sell us your scrap!

Please note that we will not entertain any unsolicited offers from overseas parties to buy our scrap.